Round Bunjin style pot.  Small Shohin size pot,  just perfect for small pine or juniper. Handmade by
Unique handmade round pot by W.A.Jope.  Seems I did not sign pot before firing.  Slight imperfection
Unique handmade bonsai pot, created  by W.A. Jope.  Yellow to cream tone glaze on reduction high fired
Unique handmade container by W.A.Jope  uses two clay natural colors to create a mottled effect.  It’s
Small handmade bonsai pot, created  by W.A. Jope.  Unglazed reduction high fired stoneware.   Measurements:
Unique handmade container by W.A.Jope.  Unglazed brown clay body, quality high reduction fired stoneware
Fine handmade pot by W.A. Jope.  Beautiful Green glaze with high reduction fire. Measures: 4.75″
One of my favorite pots and hope to make more in future. Handmade by W.A.Jope.  Love the deep blue on
Nice slightly irregular 7.5 inch pot handmade by W.A. Jope.  Great pot for a shohin literati style tree