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Rare Tree Listings

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  1. Mangetsu  Azalea

    Mangetsu Azalea

    (Satsuki - Kurume Hybrid ) Small single with purple border, white center. Compact deep green foliage. Early bloom which holds late into spring.  1 gal., 6-8" plants
  2. Picea glehnii

    Picea glehnii

    Picea glehnii, small needled spruce that’s used for bonsai in Japan, often called Ezo or Yezo Spruce. Rare!
  3. Japanese Garden Juniper

    Japanese Garden Juniper

    Gallon Japanese Garden Juniper (Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’ ) Zones 4 to 9. We offer 3 sizes
  4. Deshojo Maple

    Deshojo Maple

    Select plant from Imported stock. We find Maple holds color longer than other Deshojo Maples. The fire red holds well into summer months and is among the best red maples grown for bonsai.
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