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Just some words on my grafted trees that I think you’ll find helpful especially if you’re nurturing along a grafted tree or two. I'll start by letting you know there are a few grafting methods I use to produce new plants. One method is warming up understock plants in late winter months until active, grafting, and following with climate controlled post-care. I use this method for most of the low grafted plants for bonsai. Other methods include fall grafting and hot callus grafting, which allows me to start in Dec to late Feb months. The wood selecting criteria varies depending on grafting method used. The best attribute of hot callus method is that growth of newly grafted plants is accelerated since callus formation is prior to any elongation of terminal growth of scion wood. Therefore, I gener...Read More
Winter months are approaching and perhaps you have still not decided how you will care for your trees; maybe you need a few ideas. One of the biggest problems in many collections is inadequate winter care. When we think of bonsai culture we often neglect to consider that winter care is such an important factor of good health....Read More
I'll just share a little advise that may be helpful to folks that may be new to bonsai and could use a few pointers when it comes to watering bonsai. Watering bonsai is an art that takes some time to master. Let me first start by sharing something with you that I often tell the many that visit my collection. That is that my favorite activity, the one I enjoy most of all is watering my trees. My bonsai seem very happy that I've taken a fancy to this watering thing, because it seems it's what my bonsai like the best also. Bonsai have feelings too and believe me I have seen some pretty sad trees in the past twenty years. If I'm working with others offering guidance, I have often been known to say "Bring tree back next year when it might be healthy". A well-maintained collection may...Read More
We have moved to the farmlands of Chester NH ! Updates coming within the year as we settle into the new location and can update our plant offers...Read More
Set Ascending Direction