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For over 28 years I have offered plants by mail-order, shipping hard- to- find trees and supplies to plant enthusiasts nationwide. Riverbend Garden’s operation is unique, propagating hundreds of rare Asiatic selections as well as field growing many of these hardy, hard- to- find gems in farmlands of Chester NH. Most all of our rare plants will take winter extremes and cold hardy from USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 6. When I'm not in the field or grafting trees, I'm busy in our pottery studio hand building and wheel throwing my popular line of high fired bonsai containers. Growing for bonsai and making bonsai pottery is my passion. We sincerely enjoy maintaining a lasting relationship with our customers who also have the same passion for their artistry; just another reason why we will only ship the finest quality, at the best price. I hope you'll find that our plant selection and pottery will strengthen your enthusiasm to further embark on the truly fascinating art of bonsai. Much of our plant material is not listed and is available at nursery for customer pick-up. If you have a special plant request, please write and I'll see if we can ship items your way. We offer full landscaping services provided by partner Brian Creed. Also, please make sure you’re on our newsletter mailings! We are looking forward to offering bonsai demonstrations & workshops at our new location in Chester, NH, so make sure I have your e-mail address. I thank you for every visit to our web page! -Wayne Jope

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This is my tenth year of mail-order operation for Riverbend Gardens with over 28 years in the business propagating & growing select plants suitable for bonsai culture. Many of my selections are extremely rare and can sell out early. We have expanded with my own line of handmade containers. I can also work with you in creating that unique container for your special tree. If you prefer traditional designs or want to reflect your own artistic expression to your specifications, just drop me a line.

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Address: Riverbend Gardens
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Chester, NH 03036
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